• “The Perfect Wash, in no Time ”
    We Are the #1 Delivery auto Detailing Company in Okinawa Guaranteed
  • “A Wash with Awesome Results!”
    We use the Highest quality waxes and polymer
  • “We take pride in every wash we perform”
    We treat every vehicle with the care and attention to detail that it deserves
  • “Quality, Service, Value”
    We use the highest quality microfiber towels, waxes and polymer coatings

At Time-Wash, we are passionate about detailing. All of our employees are car enthusiast, and often appreciate customers allowing us to maintain their "pride and joy". We look at every appointment as a challenge to further our skills in detailing and learn new techniques to remove stubborn stains, swirls, over spray, odors and etc. We are constantly looking for new products to help maintain our competitive edge, and "weeding out" products that produce mediocre results. Our goal is to save our customers time, and the by-product is an excellent service at a reasonable price. So give us a call and schedule an appointment because at Time-Wash "We look forward to doing a Great job for you" 

Time-Wash is a fully self sustained mobile auto detailing service. All of our vehicles are capable of performing everything from our entry level Premium Time-wash to our more detailed interior steam cleaning service. We carry our own water, electricity, soap, towels, polishes and coatings. All we need is the space to wash your vehicle and we've got you covered "We Bring The Wash To You"

So, you're neighbor, friend, or co-worker just got a Time-wash and you're wondering how you can schedule one for yourself, right? Well you're in the right place. First, determine your realistic goals for your vehicles cleanliness. Are you cleaning this vehicle for a sell, a new edition to the family (new born) or gift for a loved one? (Just examples) What concerns you the most about your vehicle? These Questions will help you determine exactly how much you are willing to invest in your vehicle, and help guide our focus on choosing the right plan for you


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Telephone: 080-3902-1983
Address: 2-31-9 Futenma Ginowan Shi, Goya suite 101. 2 Chome-31 Futenma Okinawa Prefecture 901-2202, Japan
Email: support@time-wash.com

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